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Mental health support for visitors to Japan during the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Are you visiting Japan during the Olympic or Paralympic Games and experiencing a mental health problem? You may not need psychotherapy, but a brief consultation, emergency intervention, or phone counseling. If so, contact the IMHPJ members who are available during this period (list below). Please do not hesitate to contact your embassy when needed. IMHPJ…


As we are seeing with each new day, COVID-19 is a far-reaching, global crisis and it’s impacting our lives either directly or indirectly. This rapidly changing health crisis is also affecting the emotional well-being of many people in our community. As human beings, we are hard-wired to connect and to seek comfort in others – you may have noticed emotional strain from all the rapid changes and from practicing social (physical) distancing. These disruptions may cause an increase in anxiety, sadness, and anger; concern for loved ones and friends in other locations; or awareness of existential concerns. We encourage you to seek support from one of our qualified Clinical or Associate Clinical Members. Given the nature of this crisis, many of our therapists are also providing therapy online even though this change may not be reflected in their profile. The emotional impact of this situation is real Search for a Therapist.

Are you a therapist living in Japan?

Would you like to join a national organization of mental health professionals who are dedicated to serving the unique needs of people living in Japan?



Masters or higher level education with at least two years of full time, well supervised clinical experience.



Masters or higher level of education working towards Clinical level of experience, with ethically reasonable supervision for acquired hours.



Are professionals in allied fields, graduate and undergraduate students, volunteers, etc., who are interested or involved in mental health-related fields.



Are those who have been IMHPJ members for at least one year, and either no longer live in Japan, OR don’t expect to live in Japan for 8 months annually.